Built to achieve superior integrity assurance throughout the well lifecycle


Unleashing the Power of Digital Innovation for Well Integrity Management

Can you imagine using 19th-century technology to test the integrity and safety of modern oil and gas equipment? We couldn’t either, so we set out to create a better way from the ground up.

IPT was the first company to recognize the need to modernize integrity management through superior technology and pair it with industry-leading advisory services. It’s been our guiding principle since we began in 2010. IPT has continued to grow and set itself above by developing proprietary algorithms that produce definitive test results providing the highest levels of assurance.

We are dedicated to working closely with our clients to establish and continuously improve the safest and most efficient well integrity operations possible.


How We Got Here


Released assurance workflow modules to manage client’s custom assurance processes and documentation through the cloud  

SureTec® v4.8 release capable of executing up to four tests simultaneously  


Released inflow testing validation algorithms 

Created live test streaming capabilities allowing clients and regulators to observe tests offshore remotely 

Delivered the function test manager platform enabling seamless digital documentation of control systems, function tests, and component states 


SureTec V4.2 combines SurePlan and SureTec into a single application providing users with seamless processes


Approved as primary validation for subsea tree pressure testing 


Performed the fastest ever subsea BOP test using BSEE-approved criteria 

Introduced subsea tree testing capabilities 


Surpassed $1 billion in industry savings 

Tested subsea BOP in world record water depth (11,000+ ft.) 

Introduced ROV testing 


Achieved BSEE approval as primary validation for casing and completion tests 

 Achieved ISO 9001 certification 

 Introduced wellbore schematics and P&A testing 

 Introduced coiled tubing BOP schematics and testing 

 Became the global standard for testing capping stacks 


Established in-house software development team 

Released SureTec® Version 3 includes cloud connectivity to IPT’s data archival and analysis platform: SureView®  


Completions testing capabilities are co-developed with several operators to continue to lead pressure testing innovation 

SureTec® Version 2.4 delivers enhanced testing analysis derived from industry leading database resulting in world-class efficiencies 


SureTec® Version 2 revolutionary schematics ensure component coverage and deliver levels of assurance 

IPT Real-Time Operations Center (RTOC) created to lead remote assurance and consultation services for the industry 


Test plan management enables transparent and auditable processes 

Demonstrated first digital stump testing capabilities for the industry 


Developed first BSEE-approved digital pressure testing software SureTec® version 1 

Thermally compensated leak detection brings unprecedented time savings and assurance to the O&G industry  

A Few Brands We're Fortunate to Call Our Clients

The IPT Formula

We partner with our clients to understand and provide solutions for their needs.

Our whole team collaborates to understand what our clients need and create it.

We generate our own ideas to truly innovate the industry.

We are focused, work fast, and deliver high quality products and services.

We value our industry and are involved in its community.

We are all passionate about a shared mission.

We build our softwares completely in house allowing us to respond to our client's needs efficiently.

Our 24/7 support team is receptive and enthusiastic about helping you.

We make good choices to build an ethical business and drive sustainable growth for our clients.

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