Can you imagine using 19th-century technology to test the integrity and safety of modern oil and gas equipment? We couldn’t either, so we set out to create a better way from the ground up. 

IPT was the first company to recognize the need to modernize integrity management through superior technology and pair it with industry-leading advisory services. It’s been our guiding principle since we began in 2010.

We are a well integrity software and advisory services company dedicated to working closely with clients to establish and continuously improve the safest and most efficient well integrity operations possible.

Our Mission

To be the well integrity solutions partner of choice. At IPT, we have uniquely combined rigorous integrity software with technical advisory services to provide the highest levels of assurance, operational efficiency and advanced analytics.

Our Vision

We are imagining—and creating—a digital future for the oil and gas industry that leverages technology for smarter well integrity. We make the oil and gas industry safer for everyone through reliable, efficient, and transparent management of integrity critical equipment and well barrier elements.

Always Sure

Peace of mind with integrity

We provide project confidence at each stage of the well lifecycle. We partner with you to reach your technical limits while assuring safe and reliable barriers and operations.

Trusted technology

IPT is the only company offering industry-leading integrity software that combines the support of experienced technical advisors with big data and advanced analytics. That means more accurate forecasting, faster decisions across your organization and improved operational efficiency of your well integrity management.


The IPT test planning, implementation and communication process involves less wasted time and effort, less impact on operations, less required fuel and safer processes. The sustainable features of IPT make it a great complement to project safety programs and ESG goals.

Ready to be Always Sure?

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Well Integrity Management via Multi-Dimensional Digital Verification

Learn how to gain efficiency and increase assurance levels with multi-dimensional digital verification of well integrity critical equipment and well barrier elements.  

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