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Our customer-focused advisors work hand-in-hand with your team as trusted partners to sustain the perfect balance of safety and efficiency in well integrity & assurance.

Our industry-leading experts are available to provide relevant solutions for various areas and can even work directly on-site, depending on your needs.

  • Real-Time Assurance & Support
  • Field Advisor
  • Performance Advisor
  • BOP Compliance Inspector


Our team proudly provides expert services to support your well integrity program. We stand above the rest as true subject matter experts in barrier integrity verification and tracking. Let us help you get started today.

Supporting Your Integrity Program

Job planning, optimization, and real-time support from SMEs assure safe and efficient test execution.

Popular Features

Generation & Optimization

IPT experts generate and optimize tests plans based on decades of experience across multiple global operators, assuring best practices for your operations. This results in a reduced number of test steps and reduced component wear and tear, extending mean-time between failures while reducing maintenance and operational time and costs.

24/7 Remote Assurance

IPT advisors provide redundancy, back-up assurance and expert assistance before, during and after testing anywhere around the world. This adds an additional layer of process safety assurance for your operations.

Remote Workflow Consultation

Assist with set-up, planning, testing guidance, post-testing review, report finalization and archival to help achieve efficient testing operations. This removes the burden from operational staff, enhancing your well integrity program.

Performance Analysis

Continuous improvement and accelerated learnings provided through IPT expert end-to-end analysis for optimized testing insights to eliminate waste and standardize work.

At your location, when needed, to ensure maximum value for your well integrity program utilizing SureTec and SureView.

Popular Features

Test Coordination

Onsite advisors guide planning, coordination and execution of all tests.

Optimization & Efficiency Consultation

Assistance to ensure your rig and operations teams fully utilize the power of SureTec to maintain and improve well integrity management and operational efficiency.

Health, Safety & Environment Leadership

IPT safety protocol integrates well with our customer’s programs to deliver industry-leading performance.

On-Site Means Anywhere

We work with your team at offshore installations, onshore facilities or manufacturing and testing locations.

Our advisors strive to partner with your rig and office teams to improve and standardize process, as well as identify opportunities for accelerated learning to improve the safety, assurance and efficiency of your operations.

Popular Features

Stakeholder Access

Accessible, secure information available to the customer through SureView cloud. Our advisors work directly with your team to develop custom KPIs that drive your business leading to sustainable improvement and standardized processes.

Applied Learning

We work to disseminate best practices and facilitate accelerated and continuous learning across your operations.

Optimized Assurance

Identify areas in the customer workflow where IPT products and services will help create integrity, assurance, performance and compliance.

Ensure integrity critical equipment compliance with BOP Surveyor. Track meaningful equipment data throughout its lifecycle for condition-based maintenance.

Popular Features

Compliance Surveying

Recommended survey and inspection practices are derived from OEMs, operation and maintenance manuals, BSEE guidance, U.S federal regulations, PINC and API standards.

Comprehensive Evaluation

Involves a detailed inspection of a BOP stack, associated well control equipment, and documentation in accordance with all regulatory requirements. 

Custom training options that help you understand SureTec, new software updates and tools.

Popular Features

Tailored Training

In-person or remote training full of collaborative, purpose-based information that shows you how to get the most out of SureTec.


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We put our expertise to work for you.

Our advisors are standing by and ready to help.


Our real-time assurance advisors are always on call to provide assistance. They can also help with initial software set-up, product orientation, testing guidance, post-testing review, report finalization, end-of-well analysis and archival.


From engineering services like schematic design creation and workflow optimization to on-site advisory for improved well integrity management, our ongoing services help you run smoothly.


We help your team operate through educational resources, including blog articles, case studies, on-site or online training and certifications.

Expert Consulting, Support & Training

Our Industry Experts offer a variety of advisory and support services to assist you in optimizing operations and having the most assurance.

Real-Time Assurance & Support
  • Test Plan Generation & Optimization
  • 24/7 Remote Assurance
  • Workflow Consultation
  • Performance Analysis

Field Advisor
  • Test Coordination
  • Optimization & Efficiency Consultation
  • Health, Safety & Environmental Leadership
  • Flexible Assistance
Performance Advisor
  • Stakeholder Access
  • Applied Learning
  • Hands-On Help
  • Optimized Assurance
BOP Compliance Surveyor
  • Compliance Surveying
  • Comprehensive Evaluation

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