SureTec® Well integrity confidence.

SureTec is the leading software platform for digital pressure testing and monitoring. Uniquely rigorous and reliable, SureTec supports assurance and compliance, with continuous improvement for safer and more efficient well integrity management.

SureTec provides a customizable integrated tool with guided schematic design workflows, test validation, operational alarms and test reports. Obtain objective pass/fail results, automated test analysis and test documentation throughout your well’s lifecycle.


Achieve well barrier certainty from software built with assurance at its core. SureTec leads the way in providing standardized processes and objective test results for concise regulatory reporting and decision-making throughout the lifecycle of a well.

With an intuitive interface, SureTec increases transparency and operational efficiency while providing peace of mind and the highest levels of safety assurance that a well integrity management system can offer. Your team will gain access to advanced validation analytics, including proprietary algorithms for the industry’s most rigorous and robust test validation.

SureTec raises awareness and communication of potential hazards, reduces exposure to human error and closes process safety gaps.

Testing Solutions for Your Assurance

Safely and securely manage your well’s integrity. Our management workflow capabilities are customizable to accommodate your internal policies, test criterion and non-regulated standards.

Popular Features

BOP Test Plan Manager

An all-in-one test plan creation tool for BOPs and manifolds. It assists with creating schematic visuals, component verification and standardizes test plan reports for enhanced test assurance specific for each well’s basis of design.

BOP Function Test Management

Digital BOP function test planning, execution and archival for enhanced compliance.

Wellbore Test Plan Manager

Integrated wellbore component test planning and visualization tool for effective planning, communication and archival. It includes our lifecycle wellbore designer, a powerful tool to build out discrete phases from spud to decommissioning.

Total Barrier Management

Our all-in-one visualization and tracking tool of integrity-critical system and well barrier elements throughout wells’ lifecycles. Utilizes customizable and comprehensive schematic designer as well as visual planning tool and comprehensive reporting.

Execute tests that provide immediate feedback and clear interpretations for integrity-critical systems and well barrier elements.

Popular Features

BOP Pressure Testing

Comprehensive pressure testing solution which utilizes digital data and advanced analytics to ensure that BOP and manifold components are validated. Standardized final reports and results of tests are archived for historical retrieval.

Simultaneous BOP & Casing Testing

Achieve operational efficiency with simultaneous testing. This reduces time spent on discrete tests requiring the same test pressure and components.

Wellbore Pressure Testing

Comprehensive well barrier element testing for objective digital validation. Applies industry standard and IPT advanced analysis methods to verify well barrier elements.

Negative (Inflow) Testing

Utilizes research-based proprietary algorithms and advanced IPT analysis methods to validate tests. Our inflow testing is a standardized, objective and quantitative approach that reduces operator risk and potential exposure to human error.

Gain insights faster with SureTec’s rigorous validation technology

Popular Features

Advanced Validation Analytics

Going beyond industry-standard algorithms, our proprietary algorithms provide enhanced analysis and execution for the most rigorous and efficient test validation in the industry. Our algorithms use intuitive and transparent criteria, delivering high confidence and reliable results validated against a database of 10,000’s of successful tests.

Enhanced Assurance Features

Assurance steps with auditable archives include the Minimum Required Test Pressure (MRTP) to ensure BOP and manifold components are tested to their compliance pressure. Pressure alerts ensure components do not get pressurized above a safe overshoot pressure, strengthening safety and protecting people and equipment.

Enhanced Visualization Tools

Tools to more accurately visualize the pressure path and compare tests for improved communication and efficiency. Quickly overlay discrete tests for rate of change differences, show pressure paths and barriers for all drilling and completion construction steps. Create completion schematics to address well-unique features such as production tree configuration.


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SureTec provides the best in well integrity management.

Our advisors make it even better.


Our real-time assurance advisors are always available to provide assistance at every stage of your SureTec experience. They can also help with initial set-up, product orientation, testing guidance, post-testing review, report finalization, end-of-well analysis and archival.


From engineering services like schematic design creation and workflow optimization to on-site advisory for improved well integrity management, our ongoing services help you run smoothly and identify opportunities for continuous improvement of processes & procedures.


We help your team operate through educational resources, including blog articles, case studies, on-site or online training and certifications.

Flexible Testing Solutions for Your Assurance

The SureTec platform includes three levels of well integrity management.


Standardized, rigorous approach and technology for clear and trusted test results

  • BOP Pressure Testing
  • BOP Schematics
  • BOP Function Test Management
  • Advanced Validation Analytics
  • Access to SureView

Improved efficiencies through simultaneous tests from planning to decommissioning

  • Everything in Standard
  • Simultaneous BOP and Casing Testing
  • Enhanced Assurance Features
  • Enhanced Visualization Tools
  • Wellbore Test Plan Manager
  • Wellbore Element Pressure Testing

Trusted test visualization, analysis and communications for all well barrier elements and integrity critical systems

  • Everything in Advanced
  • Negative (Inflow) Testing
  • Barrier Management

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