Advanced Leak Detection Assurance

Achieve the most comprehensive assurance and efficiency for digital pressure testing with accurate objective pressure testing results.

IPT surpasses all its digital competitors in test validation using its own patented algorithms to provide enhanced analysis. Our algorithms use criteria that has been validated against 250,000 successful tests. Increase the accuracy and efficiency of testing by watching the tests in real-time or conducting compatible tests simultaneously. Store all your tests and generate reports for handovers and regulatory audits. Get help from our 24/7 team of experts whenever you need it for before, during and after testing.

Increase Efficiency with Definitive Results & Advanced Analytics

Our software, SureTec, goes beyond competitors analysis with layered algorithms to validate well control equipment and well barrier element integrity considering additional factors. These additional analyses add extra layers of assurance, which improves accuracy and efficiency.

Industry leading assurance

The only algorithms in the industry that account for the complex thermal influences in equipment & wellbore systems that can mask leak signatures.


​Utilize advanced analytics for enhanced analysis and test execution for the most accurate and efficient test validation.


​Run synchronous tests when using the same test pressure and components.


​Watch pressure tests remotely in real-time for assurance of critical and change management operations and enhanced collaboration.

Depend on our 24/7 Team of Experts for Assistance

Work with our team of experts to assist with every step of testing to help you achieve the most optimal testing for your operations.


IPT experts generate plans from decades of experience resulting in less test steps and component wear and tear, reducing maintenance and operational time and costs.


IPT advisors provide expert assistance with set-up, planning, testing guidance, post-testing review, report finalization and archival.


Continuous improvement and accelerated learnings from IPT expert analysis for optimized testing insights for more resourceful operations.

Seamlessly Store & Access Data

Keep a repository of all tests throughout the entire well lifecycle. Generate and handover test reports to the necessary personnel.

Long-term Cloud Storage & Database

Store and retrieve all testing data throughout the well lifecycle to share best practices across your team. ​


Generate test reports with all relevant test information fully documented. Store reports for easy access to relevant personnel during operations and handover, as well as regulatory bodies. ​

Enhanced Connectivity into your Systems

Our team builds custom application programing interfaces (APIs) to automatically put data into your assurance databases

Approval Workflow

Increase Your Leak Detection Assurance with IPT

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Enhance your BOP Reliability through Industry Collaboration

Maximize BOP assurance and mitigate risks including unplanned BOP stack pulls through collaboration and technology.

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