Well Integrity Management

Visualize and manage all your well integrity data and processes in one cloud-based platform.

Simplify your well integrity operations and access information from anywhere. Integrate visualizations, testing data, and collaborative processes on one platform. Import or create schematics of the entire barrier envelope. Collaborate on test planning and test results efficiently with process notifications and digital approvals. Access data and reports for transparency and compliance.

Clearly Visualize Your Well Barriers and Verification Data

Easily build or import schematics and define barriers. Integrate automated barrier testing data throughout the entire well lifecycle. ​


Build or import your schematics to visualize the full barrier envelope in real-time. Specify barrier elements and track status throughout the lifecycle.

CLEAR Barrier verification data

View test plans, criteria, and data for all your barrier elements along with verification results.


Add multiple phases with different barrier elements and criteria to store and access all the testing validation data throughout the well’s entire life.

Seamlessly Integrate all your Data in One Place

Use one platform for all your well integrity management processes with seamless data integrations.


Custom solutions for any necessary data integrations from and to other platforms.


Get test results instantly with real-time automated data.


Watch tests in real-time for immediate results.

Collaborate on Development and Approval of Test Plans and Results

Combine planning and testing with collaborative workflows for approval of test plans and results customizable to your organizations standards and processes.


Enable process notifications from any device to review and respond to test plans and results instantly for efficient collaboration.


Scalable, efficient, and user-friendly platform of uniform standards delivering maximum assurance.

Ensure Complete Handover though Each Phase of the Well’s Lifecycle

Have complete transparency of all well integrity process activities with an auditable trail. Easily access all data from one place.

Knowledge Transfer

Handoff critical barrier history from drilling through completions, into production and finally abandonment to ensure whoever is working on the well next has the information they need.

Auditable Records

Access a detailed document log of all activities throughout planning, execution and approval activities for transparency and compliance.


Export the necessary data into reports for assurance process stakeholders.

Approval Worflow

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