Frequently Asked Questions

IPT Global has been in business since 2010. Currently, we have operations in several regions across the globe, and are considered the premier digital pressure testing solution for every aspect of well integrity.

IPT Global has operations worldwide. We are pleased to partner with multiple Operators and Drilling Contractors to achieve their pressure testing goals.

SureTec has been proven to save operational time by creating a consistent and reliable system of record for all pressure testing operations. Using the enhanced digital drafting and planning tools, easy-to-read interfaces and automated reporting features, Operators can expect to save multiple days per project. SureTec also ensures that all tested components are accounted for and properly tracked. Additionally, SureTec pairs with our cloud-based solution, SureView, to provide a platform for web-based collaboration. SureView provides valuable insights into your operations, such as equipment failure rates, predictive maintenance and inefficiency contributors.

SureTec completely replaces chart recorders or other digital solutions by providing truly objective pass/fail results using consistent and objective validation criteria. Additionally, SureTec offers proprietary algorithms and advanced analysis profiles that provide industry-leading assurance. We understand the engineering workflow involves designing, planning and reporting in addition to pressure testing. SureTec provides a single-point solution to manage the entire workflow and organize all pressure testing operations into one comprehensive report.


SureTec has long been accepted as primary validation for digital pressure testing in the Gulf of Mexico with BSEE. 

SureTec is also is approved for use by all global regulatory bodies, including:

- PSA (Norway)

- HSE (United Kingdom)

- ANP (Brazil)

- SoDM (The Netherlands)

- CER (Ireland)

- NOPSEMA (Australia)

- CNLOPB (Newfoundland, Canada)

- CNSOPB (Nova Scotia, Canada)

 The reporting features available in SureTec provide clear and concise reports that improve operations and communication between personnel and inspectors.

SureTec operates using the following technical requirements:

- Windows 10

- Intel i5 processor or higher

- 8 GB of RAM or higher

- Display resolution of 768 x 1280 or higher

We understand that no two jobs are the same. We offer SureTec equipment and installation services for any job, no matter the size. Our offerings range from a single testing unit to a full installation with multiple testing locations and remote viewing opportunities. Contact us to learn more about how our equipment options are designed to fit your specific needs.

Basic SureTec Testing Unit

Toughbook Rugged laptop

Transducer 0-20K psi standard (additional range upon request)

Weatherproof storage case

Once a contract is in place, we will ship equipment as necessary or send our highly-trained field advisors on site for projects with more comprehensive installation and testing requirements. After initial setup is completed, we are ready to begin testing.