How IPT Achieves Software Quality Assurance (SQA)

February 08, 2022

IPT Global is the industry leader for well integrity testing and monitoring through our preeminent software applications, SureTec and SureView. Before our software applications are released, they go through rigorous automated and manual testing processes to ensure accuracy. IPT understands that efficient and precise pressure testing and monitoring of integrity critical equipment and well barrier elements is vital, so we put our software through the ultimate tests.

IPT achieves outstanding software quality through:


Using Ranorex software and virtual machines, our software team has developed a suite of over two hundred automated test cases which are run every night and guarantee that nothing in the software is broken. This tests everything from running a basic pressure record, to the most complicated monitoring and assurance workflow scenarios.

Manual Testing

The Quality Assurance Engineering team collaborates with the developers and product owners to write test cases and verify all development changes prior to being built into our software. Once changes have been developed, product owners verify the changes are accurate and complete before revisions are deployed into our applications.

IPT engineers have created a custom library of over four hundred manual test cases which are run through a number of iterations prior to any release deployment of the software. These iterations ensure that the software still performs as intended after changes to the code base.

Device and Browser Support

IPT maintains a comprehensive list of the latest browsers and devices for testing compatibility. We ensure that SureView is responsive across a wide range of mobile devices such as iPhones and Androids. The team uses BrowserStack to test that Apple’s iOS and Safari browser are supported. The verification of text and email notifications from Twilio are also included in the testing.

Performance Testing

IPT Global uses sophisticated application programming interface (API) testing tools such as Postman and JMeter to simulate several users working on our SureView product at the same time to guarantee SureView will be available for all users and perform to specifications when there is a significant number of active users.

Adherence to ISO 9001 Processes

IPT receives feedback from customers and reviews and prioritizes this feedback every week for potential inclusion in future releases. Any severe bugs are addressed with a high priority by the development team and a root cause analysis is performed if needed.

In addition, IPT conducts quarterly benchmark reviews to assure that our code and product quality standards are being met. IPT has held the ISO 9001 certification for over 7 years and counting.

Software You Can Trust

When you trust IPT with your testing with SureTec or BOP monitoring needs, you are getting a software that has been thoroughly verified by IPT’s Quality Assurance Engineering team and does not contain critical defects. Why risk your Integrity Critical Equipment to another provider or “become the software tester” when you go with a competitor? You can have the peace of mind that your software has been thoroughly tested before it is ever used for your operations with IPT. Do you have any questions about our software testing and assurance? Contact us to learn more.

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