IPT Offers In-Person & Remote Support for all Operations

February 09, 2022

IPT offers operations support with our Industry Experts. Our industry-leading experts partner with clients both on-site and remotely to improve operational efficiency and well integrity. Our team consists of remote assurance and support, Field Advisors, Performance Advisors, and BOP Compliance Surveyors. 

Remote Assurance

Remote assurance and support are available 24/7 for test plan generation and optimization, performance analysis, and remote workflow consulting. Our real-time operations center is easily accessible by email or phone to assist with troubleshooting and answer any questions that might arise during operations. We also provide an extra set of eyes to monitor all testing activities to identify and reduce the chance of misalignments. 

Field Support

Our Field Advisors work in collaboration with the client for on-site test coordination. Our clients enjoy these services, especially to ensure success in high-volume test applications such as completions projects. Advisors provide optimization and efficiency consultation to continuously improve test performance and ensure our testing and monitoring software platform, SureTec, is being utilized to its full potential. Having an advisor onboard delivers an additional layer of assurance to make sure all tests are conducted properly and removes the workload from rig personnel to finalize reports. IPT field personnel also act as champions in health, safety, and environmental leadership to produce the perfect balance of safety and efficiency in well integrity and assurance. They enthusiastically participate in all rig-based safety programs along with an internally shared safety network to emphasize lessons learned and help reduce the chance of incidents.  

Improved Efficiency

Performance Advisors provide expert advice to streamline application across operations. Our continuous improvements and testing insights drive process standardization, which leads to increased efficiency and sustainability. We utilize big data to customize performance reports and convert results into actionable outcomes. KPI metrics are generated and tailored for the customer along with after-action reviews to present growth opportunities through applied learning. Our performance advisors also work closely with stakeholders to achieve workflow regimens and continuous improvement by performing after action reviews and streamlining test plans. This collaborative effort drives optimized assurance, performance, and compliance.  


BOP Compliance Surveyors provide third-party equipment inspection and auditing by utilizing objective documentation, which allows IPT to provide consistent results to customers. Recommended survey and inspection practices are derived from OEMs, operations and maintenance manuals, regulatory guidance, and API standards. In accordance with all regulatory compliance, our detailed inspection checks the BOP stack, and associated well control equipment and documentation. Surveyors ensure integrity critical equipment compliance and track meaningful equipment data throughout its lifecycle for condition-based maintenance

Improve Your Operations with IPT

IPT’s Industry Experts support your well integrity management program throughout the well’s lifecycle. No matter what level of support you require, IPT has you covered. To learn more about how we can help make your job easier, contact us today! 

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