Well integrity is essential to developing a well that safely performs as designed while minimizing risk to personnel, assets, reputation, and the environment. A well without proper integrity management can compromise the safety of the environment and those working on site.

Well integrity management, therefore, is immensely important. It is the act of achieving assurance through the proper design, construction, testing and maintenance of the well structure throughout all well operations. A standardized well integrity program assures processes are defined, consistent, reviewed and open to improvements.

Why a Lack of Standardization Hurts

Most operators have their own standards for well integrity solutions; however these standards can vary significantly for many reasons (region to region, for example). When integrity management is not standardized, a rig team may conduct inflow tests using a different approach than another. Workers at one site could utilize a dedicated solution for data management, while those somewhere else may decide Excel is a perfectly acceptable substitute.

Inconsistencies inevitably present challenges in deploying effective training programs, best practices, test analysis methods, acceptance criteria determination, and review and approval processes, to name a few. These challenges can in turn lead to reduced safety, reliability, and performance.

The Benefits of a Standardized Solution

When you implement standards, you ensure everyone is looking at the same playbook. You avoid the confusion that stems from multiple job sites working in different ways — utilizing their own tools and processes. Instead, you establish norms, introducing consistency and enabling more streamlined well integrity management.

Standardization allows you to assume the same workflows are used everywhere. Tests are performed the same way. Maintenance schedules are on the same timeline. Data is stored in the exact same manner and reports are generated using the same software. Such an approach makes the act of ensuring well integrity much more consistent.

When all sites are operating on a single standard, integration and meaningful data analysis can take place. Cloud-based tools can allow you to connect to each location, monitor how things are going, and access whatever data you might need.

See What IPT Can Do For You

IPT’s well integrity solution is comprehensive, spanning the entirety of the well lifecycle. SureTec, SureView and SureOps play roles in each phase, enabling standardization of processes, workflows and tools from start to finish. And because our solution is entirely digital, you can easily monitor work or access data from any site, regardless of where you are.

IPT helps you simplify well integrity management while also improving safety, reliability and performance. If you’re experiencing confusion and want consistency instead, contact IPT today to learn more about our standardized and integrated solution.

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