IPT Global partners with OSDUTM Forum, an oil and gas group who delivers open source, standards-based, technology agnostic data platforms for the energy industry.

IPT is a leader in the Well Planning Reference Data Group of the OSDUTM Forum.  We have designed and proposed data schemas for Well Barrier Elements and Pressure Tests which have been accepted by the OSDUTM Forum and its 226 member organizations.  This ensures reliable and efficient data integrations resulting in industrialized data management for operators and contractors who adhere to the standards. 

This standards-based approach to data platforms helps reduce data silos, enable transformational workflows and accelerate the deployment of emerging digital solutions for operators and drilling contractors.  

Our clients gain an advantage utilizing our data integrations as part of IPT’s SureView® Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).  We partner with our clients to provide these APIs using industry standard service bus technology. During planning, testing, and real-time operations, IPT transfers data to the assurance record management systems and data lakes used by our customers utilizing SureView® APIs.  

If you are interested in learning more about these capabilities and how IPT Global can help you access, store, and analyze data from your operations, please contact us

IPT will continue to be an active participant in the OSDU to define and follow industry standards beneficial to our customers. 

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