IPT believes that innovative technology is born out of collaboration with subject matter experts and a focus on delivering world-class products. Our in-house software development team proudly developed our monitoring technology to first be applied to BOPs. This was a natural segue from our BOP pressure testing foundation software, SureTec.

IPT Global provides holistic BOP integrity management through leading technology that allows for continuous monitoring and robust pressure testing. We support clients with superior first-rate service including 24/7 real-time monitoring, remote and onsite compatibility verification, failure tracking and root cause analysis, along with permitting and planning support.

Our in-house experts and developers crafted this technology with a level of quality and excellence beyond our competitors, for future innovation and development ease. Unlike our competition, we have built a scalable and sustainable tool to enhance reliability. IPT’s BOP Reliability System (BRS) allows for live data and test streaming, trend analysis, failure tracking, event and alarm monitoring, and historical data retrieval. These tools aim to ensure BOP reliability during different phases of BOP operations and provide preventive information to operators and engineers.

IPT BOP Reliability System is architected with industry standards and best practices:

IPT BOP Reliability System is built to be secure:

IPT BOP Reliability System is built to scale:

Complete Functional BOP Reliability Solution

IPT BRS also comes with SureOps, our 24/7 RTO monitoring your data for alerts and other anomalies from your drilling operations.

IPT’s BRS data is open to all vendor types. The data can be made available to individuals based on their role regardless of whether they work for an operator, drilling contractor, regulator, or other 3rd party.

IPT BOP Reliability System is accessible through a mobile-responsive, web-based visualization tool. SureView allows users to get their information quickly and reliably, with a user interface that is highly customizable and built to meet client specifications.

From end to end, with IPT SureTec and SureView, IPT BRS is the foundation to take BOP reliability to the next level. Contact us today to learn more about our BOP integrity management technology.

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