HSSE Statement

IPT Global’s core values include safety, integrity, quality, productivity and innovation. We make our decisions and perform our work based on these values. Health, Safety, Security and the Environment (HSSE) considerations are a part of each decision we make and action we take. We believe meeting the goal of zero harm to people, the environment and property takes the active participation of every employee. By meeting or exceeding relevant International, Federal, State, Local, Client and IPT requirements and industry standards, we will maintain a work environment that helps ensure our goal.

Safety is the responsibility of every employee at IPT Global and it starts with executive leadership.  We demonstrate our commitment to HSSE through active engagement at all levels of the organization from the President to the newest employee. Every employee has the right, responsibility and accountability to stop any job they deem poses an immediate risk to people or property in the workplace. IPT’s corporate culture includes every employee’s right to return to their loved ones in the same condition they reported to work.

Open communication at all levels of the organization is encouraged and expected. We nurture an environment where any employee may raise a concern at any time without reprisal. Personnel are to communicate peer-to-peer concerns and to elevate those concerns to Executive Leadership as necessary. The IPT Global HSSE Manual serves as a tool for communicating HSSE standards. Our HSSE Management System provides for meeting or exceeding regulatory requirements, and helps us identify, assess and mitigate risks.

As a company with a vision of being the best in the industry by constantly improving our products and services, we establish objectives to continuously improve the quality of our HSSE systems and processes.  We will conduct internal and external inspections and audits of our programs and processes to ensure they are functioning as intended. Executive leadership will review HSSE performance annually. Metrics for each employee’s participation and commitment to HSSE will be included in their annual evaluation of personal performance.