What is SureTec?

SureTec is the leading software platform for digital pressure testing, designed to monitor and support a wide array of operations across the oil and gas industry.

SureTec provides a customizable, single-solution integrated tool with guided design alerts, test validation and reports. SureTec’s intuitive interface, which clearly shows test pressure and pressure decay rate, provides an objective pass/fail result. Our interface illustrates a major step forward in pressure testing safety by removing the interpretation of circular chart recorders or other analog methods.Users of the SureTec v4 platform also have access to SureView® -our cloud-based tool for archiving and remotely viewing all pressure tests. SureView provides data insights that illustrate the complete picture of pressure testing and support collaboration between users around the globe.

The SureTec v4 platform includes three offerings: SureTec FLEX ®, SureTec ONE ® and SureTec PLUS ®, which all feature the same award-winning technology. Each product was designed from the ground-up with specific features to meet the unique challenges of the oil and gas industry.