SureTec PLUS ®


SureTec PLUS ® is the complete digital pressure testing solution made for the entire well.

Our proprietary comparative algorithm, Thermally Compensated Leak Detection (TCLD) provides an optional feature that reduces HP test times for BOP testing.

SureTec PLUS also provides advanced testing profiles and wellbore schematics  to streamline your operations.

This software technology produces the highest level of assurance available on the market today.



  • Complete rig to well planning
  • Easily prepare complex projects in one system
  • Optimize procedures with intuitive schematics


  • Wellbore schematic planning tools
  • Run multiple tests simultaneously
  • Advanced testing profiles and guidance tools


  • Interactive split screen view
  • Objective pass/fail results
  • Track all active and pending barriers


  • Reports generated with one click and uploaded to SureView
  • Add comments and append documents
  • Quick review for customer handover and approvals