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IPT Partners with the University of South Carolina Upstate to Calculate Greenhouse Gas Emission Savings

June 04, 2022

IPT Global had the privilege of collaborating with University of South Carolina Upstate Master of Science in Business Analytics students in their Spring 2022 MSBA 790 capstone course through an experiential learning partnership provided by The project’s objective was calculating the greenhouse gas emissions savings we provide for our clients. This was a high-impact experiential learning project for students at the University of South Carolina Upstate with a legitimate industry case study and dataset. Experiential learning is a type of program that students, educators, and sponsoring companies can benefit from by creating impactful products that solve real industry problems. By the end of the project the students gained career experience in using key analysis skills with industry leaders who guided and provided meaningful feedback throughout the program. 

Guided through a Visualization and Research Project  

Seven candidates from the Master of Business Analytics program at the USC Upstate College of Business and Economics were tasked with a visualization and research project developed by IPT Global to determine our client’s CO2 emissions savings. The project was guided by our Data Science Team Lead, Bryan Spencer, as the technical point of contact and project manager and Dr. Uma Gupta, the student’s professor and advisor. Throughout the project they helped provide insight and guidance.  

Dashboard to Identify Emission Reductions and Improvement Opportunities 

The students were tasked with building a visualization tool or dashboard that allows the end user to quantify the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reductions from time savings gained using IPT Global’s software suite. These beneficial time reduction improvements were a result of efficiency in testing from the use of our proprietary algorithms and operational optimizations through remote monitoring, streamlined processes, and other IPT solutions. The students performed significant research to be able to estimate the overall GHG emissions from specific operations and discover how it impacts the overall carbon severity of an offshore oil and gas well. 

Through guidance from the project manager of IPT Global, Bryan Spencer and the instructor Professor Uma Gupta, the students built a Tableau dashboard that was able to identify the GHG emissions reductions our clients received from using our SureTec software. The dashboard was able to differentiate between operations on jack-ups, semi-subs, and drillship rigs. In addition, the dashboard offered guidance on whether a rig could save more through further streamlining operations. The students investigated multiple operational factors to identify the optimal amount of savings a rig could obtain and compared it to current operation savings to identify room for improvement and future operational goals.  

Valuable Learning Experience

This project was very significant and beneficial to the MBA program at USC Upstate. Professor Dr. Uma Gupta stated this about the experience, “The business analytics project with IPT Global raised the bar for experiential learning for Upstate students. This was a complex project that demanded an in-depth understanding of the industry and the multi-faceted nature of the problem and its broad scope. Although in the early stages of the project, students struggled with understanding the impact and interplay between a large set of data variables, students derived invaluable lessons from this experience. The project was both inspiring, given the focus to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and simultaneously challenging. The leadership of Cody MacDonald and Bryan Spencer is noteworthy. Program sponsors play an important role in the success of all projects. Bryan Spencer spent many evenings sharing his knowledge and guiding students to address the inevitable challenges that arise in a project of this nature. In his own gentle way, he prodded students to be intellectually curious and practical at the same time. USC Upstate is grateful for this partnership and looks forward to working with IPT Global in the future.” 

Lower Your Carbon Emissions with IPT 

IPT Global was grateful to work with the students at USC Upstate over the course of this project. We are looking forward to incorporating this work into our products and displaying the greenhouse gas emission savings for our clients on dashboards. This will show the immense value IPT provides in efficiency and environmental impact through emissions savings. Contact us to learn more about how we can make your operations more efficient and reduce your greenhouse emissions.  

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