IPT SureTec: Fully Integrated Pressure Testing Software

March 10, 2022

IPT offers SureTec, the leading software platform for digital pressure testing and integrity assurance throughout the well’s lifecycle. From pre-deployment to P&A, SureTec enables procedural compliance with an easy-to-use tool for designing, planning, testing, and reporting to drive higher levels of operational performance, assurance, and safety. SureTec is the only tool on the market where all relevant workflows are part of one seamless application to ensure the highest levels of performance, transparency, and compliance.


SureTec provides schematic builders to properly depict the design and layout for the BOP, production trees, manifold, and wellbore. Once the schematics are built, test plans are made to comply with required acceptance criteria and process standards.


SureTec can be utilized for all aspects of pressure testing including integrity critical equipment and well barrier elements. Examples of testing include: Blow Out Preventer (BOP) testing, casing tests, well barrier elements, and completions, production, intervention, and plug and abandon tests.

Planning tests accurately without the proper tools results in errors and omissions without time consuming checks and reviews. Even after review, many plans must change somewhat at testing time, which makes assuring all components are tested properly very difficult. SureTec offers its exclusive dynamic coverage capability and pressure path visualizations ensure all required components are tested to the proper pressure and configuration. This coverage capability allows the user to easily assign which sides of valves and which components are to be tested to certain pressures and confirms all will be tested properly prior to pressure testing. Dynamic coverage tracking allows test plans to be modified at test time and automatically communicate coverage status and alerts. This further ensures all required components and barriers are properly validated even when test plans must adapt to changing conditions.

For further assurance, IPT offers Assurance Workflow which works in conjunction with Planning and Testing providing cloud-based collaboration, version control, review and approval, and fully auditable records of activity. This eliminates the need to email spreadsheets and other documentation back and forth, ensuring streamlined communications.

Testing and Analysis

SureTec validates integrity critical equipment and well barrier element integrity through multi-dimensional layered algorithms. These algorithms provide objective pass/fail test results and include:

  • Decline Analysis
  • Rate of Change Analysis
  • Thermally Compensated Leak Detection (TCLD)
  • Trend Analysis

Decline Analysis is the industry standard test validation method. Decline analysis was originally derived from circular chart recorders (CCRs). Basic digital alternatives to the CCRs utilize decline analysis and often tout it as being predictive, based on simple curve extrapolation. IPT recognized this as a major assurance opportunity and sought to develop algorithms that provide higher assurance and efficiency to test validation.

IPT leads the industry in advanced analytics and has developed additional algorithms to validate tests, based on an extensive test database. IPT’s proprietary algorithms allow us to push past industry standards for more assurance with Trend Analysis, Rate of Change Analysis, and TCLD. These additional analyses add extra layers of validation, which improves accuracy and efficiency. TCLD offers critical time savings by comparing tests to an established benchmark test for systems with comparable pressure and volume. If the subsequent tests are exhibiting a pressure rate of change (ROC) comparable to the benchmark test, the high-pressure portion of the test can pass as fast as 7 minutes. Since 2015, TCLD has saved our customers over 11,000 hours of rig time. For increased assurance, IPT’s Trend Analysis can be used with any testing criteria to confirm the pressure ROC is continuously improving. SureTec can also simultaneously test casing with the BOP for additional time savings.

SureTec testing algorithms provide the highest levels of efficiency and assurance to ensure well integrity. Our Inflow Testing criteria offers unmatched assurance by removing subjectivity in test interpretation. IPT has also developed the ability to execute up to four tests simultaneously. This capability is critical for high volume testing operations, such as during completions.  


SureTec generates test reports with all relevant information to the operation. Another SureTec exclusive requires any failed test attempts be fully documented for full transparency and to avoid unnecessary regulatory non-conformance. All reports are stored in SureView for easy access to relevant personnel. With comprehensive yet clear test results, these reports are essential in improving communications during operations and handover, as well as useful for regulatory bodies and any internal or external audits.

Consolidate Pressure Testing with IPT

With the release of version 4.8, SureTec is now available with three product tiers that provide a range of solution options for your operations. SureTec Basic provides a low-cost holistic testing solution with cloud-tool access. SureTec Advanced provides additional testing capabilities with IPT’s proprietary algorithms and tools. SureTec Premier offers all features including multi-test and inflow. Contact us today to learn how IPT can help solve your pressure testing needs.

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