Raise the Bar on Well Integrity Assurance With IPT

January 07, 2022

IPT’s products and services lead the way in innovating well integrity management in the oil and gas industry. With more than a decade of experience and collaboration with the oil and gas industry, we have developed unmatched technology to offer asset integrity management software and service for pressure testing and BOP reliability needs.

Our ecosystem of solutions for assuring well integrity throughout the well’s lifecycle include our applications, SureTec and SureView, and our Industry Experts. SureTec, our desktop application provides schematic building, test planning, execution, and reporting. SureView, our web-based, mobile-friendly application stores historical reports and data for easy access. Our Industry Experts work with your team 24/7 to assure operational safety and efficiency.


IPT’s state-of-the-art software application, SureTec, provides well integrity confidence through a rigorous approach to analyzing pressure and function tests. SureTec also provides a flexible workflow that allows the user to design, plan, test, and generate reports all in one integrated platform for total assurance throughout the well’s lifecycle. We offer efficiency improvements through our advanced algorithms and simultaneous testing from pre-deployment to decommissioning of wells, and our trusted test visualizations improve communication throughout operations and handover.  

SureTec utilizes proprietary analytics to improve test times and certainty. Thermally Compensated Leak Detection (TCLD) and Trend Analysis are part of our layered criteria for true assurance. The criteria are customizable based on user needs and can be adapted to handle all aspects of pressure testing including BOP, Completions, Inflow, P&A, and simultaneous BOP/Casing Tests. SureTec is also capable of testing up to four different tests simultaneously for maximum efficiency during critical operations.

Pressure Testing
Schematics to easily visualize making a test plan


IPT’s web-based, mobile-friendly application, SureView, provides connected, transparent data that identifies opportunities and streamlines collaboration. Assurance workflow is available to enable collaboration, version control and provide historical records of activities involved in planning, conducting, and approving tests. Also included is big data analytics with a KPI dashboard for performance improvement, live test streaming for awareness and monitoring, data integration services for automating information systems, and data archival access.

SureView’s collaborative environment allows teams to review programs, performance, and results while also connecting geographically scattered team members and SMEs. This allows all team members to see in real-time the operations occurring on a rig. 

IPT also offers our BOP Reliability System (BRS) which provides blow-out preventor real-time monitoring, live test streaming, event and alarm monitoring, and historical data retrieval to ensure BOP reliability at all phases of BOP operations. 

SureView Data Analytics
KPIs are generated to help improve operational efficiency

Industry Experts

Our customer-focused advisors and industry-leading experts work with your team as trusted partners to provide relevant solutions and sustain the perfect balance of safety and efficiency in well integrity and assurance. IPT experts include Field Advisors, Remote Support, Performance Advisors, and BOP Compliance Surveyors that will be there from the planning phase through execution and after-action reviews to support your well integrity management program.  

Our Industry Experts provide collaborative on-site test coordination to improve test planning and execution. Our operations personnel are experts in SureTec and will be there to provide consultation to continuously improve test performance.

Remote support provides 24/7 assurance to monitor for any testing anomalies. They are also available to help with troubleshooting for operations without Field Advisors.  

Our personnel will work with your team throughout your project

Advance Your Well Integrity Management with IPT

IPT offers a fully integrated suite for well integrity management throughout the lifecycle of a well consisting of our advanced software, SureTec and SureView, and our Industry Experts. These offerings have been developed and improved on over the past twelve years to enhance assurance, efficiency, and sustainability for well integrity. To learn more about our well integrity solutions, contact us today!

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