Removing Subjectivity From Positive Testing Interpretation

September 21, 2021

Positive pressure tests are crucial to deliver safe oil and gas wells, as testing confirms the integrity of the wellbore and its ability to function under design conditions and pressures. Pressure testing requirements are usually set by local regulatory bodies and operating company policies. For over 100 years, the oil and gas industry has relied on circular chart recorders (CCRs) to capture data from a test to manually interpret results.

CCR analysis is still a widely respected method to collect pressure test records. However, the data utilization is very limited as it is difficult to evaluate the test and use the data for additional purposes, such as artificial intelligence (AI) applications. 

To this day, CCRs are used to perform positive tests on countless oil wells around the world. The issue with recording test results in this manner stems from its reliance on subjective human interpretation. If the human interpretation is incorrect, the consequences can be severe.

The Downsides of CCR

A positive test is intended to be scored using an objective pass-fail evaluation. Reliance on human interpretation when using CCRs, however, introduces inconsistency.

During analysis, a human evaluator could miss a fine detail due to the low resolution of CCRs, and thus give the test a pass to continue operation. Post-test evaluation by an approving party could also disagree with the initial analysis, resulting in re-testing critical components which leads to both increased pressurized time and operating costs.

In many locations, test records are required to be submitted to meet regulatory expectations. Testing is meant to provide assurance of well integrity and inform the operator their well is functioning safely.

Misinterpretation of testing results or analysis by utilizing CCRs can result in undesirable outcomes and failure to protect people, the environment and the operating company’s reputation.

SureTec offers a better way.

The Benefits of Going Digital with SureTec

IPT is no stranger to the world of well integrity. With SureTec, IPT has developed an all-digital solution for positive testing that focuses on consistency, objectivity, accuracy and safety.

All tests are performed using consistent parameters, offering definitive results by analyzing data against objective pass-fail criteria. High-resolution digital recording ensures the accuracy of results and simplifies the process of documenting and reporting data through automation.

And thanks to SureView, it’s easier than ever to view testing data regardless of where you are. SureView is a web-based platform that enables simple navigation of test results from local or remote wells, reviewal of test history, and more.

With all positive testing data in one location, it is easier to spot trends and gain a sense of where operations stand. And if you need help with any of our solutions, IPT is ready to help. Experts at our Real-Time Operations Center are on hand 24/7 to provide support and answer any questions.

Contact IPT today to learn more about SureTec, and why going digital is the best way to ensure operational excellence, employee safety and business continuity.

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