BOP Real-Time Monitoring (RTM)

September 20, 2022

IPT’s real-time BOP monitoring (RTM) allows for improved data transparency, analysis and data-driven decision making. This data also bolsters rig safety by providing instant access to real-time and historical BOP data. Ultimately, data streamed from the BOP control systems will enable predictive and condition-based maintenance.

BOP Real-Time Monitoring Key Features  

IPT’s RTM solution product shows clear, BOP visualizations to ensure close correlation between the panels and gauges that rig personnel are accustomed to seeing.  

Live BOP Stack: Real-time view shows the status of the BOP stack by displaying the components along with color indicators showing the state of each component. In this view, the user can also see key pressure, temperature and flowmeter values.  

Live Pressures: Real-time view provides an easy-to-read visual of key pressures during operations. The user has the option to view the indicators in radial or linear gauge form.  

BOP Real-time pressures

Live Database and Visualizations: Real-time view gives complete access to all data recorded on the data logger located on a rig. It allows the user to graph and trend up to 10 values in a live view as well as go back to evaluate historical data.  

BOP Monitoring data

Rig-Side Function Test Management: This digital solution tracks rams and annular function testing. It provides real-time assurance of component states and control systems in a user-friendly interface. Clients can utilize function test management with our digital approval management platform.  

BOP real-time monitoring

Data integrations (APIs): We also offer the ability to send data directly to our client’s enterprise data system via our secure API connector, allowing our clients to integrate our data within their decision-making matrix. 

Real-Time Operations Center  

Experienced and trained subject matter experts are the foundation of our real-time monitoring service.  Our BOP Analysts have extensive hands-on subsea backgrounds and are rigorously training in monitoring and analysis techniques. Our BOP Analysts communicate and collaborate with the rigs in real-time, providing recommendations, troubleshooting, assistance and remote assurance. Our team works hand-in-hand with clients support total compliance and permitting processes.

IPT BOP Analysts collaborate with our in-house data science team to create custom algorithms that automate anomaly detection. Our in-house software and data science teams collaborate with major operators across the globe to continuously improve products that enhance rig safety.  For 12 years, IPT has paved the path for in data acquisition and advanced data analysis from rigs and well control equipment.

What type of data is being collected through Real-Time Monitoring?

IPT’s RTM solution allows data to be monitored (e.g., pressure, temperature, BOP status, trends, etc.) from the BOP control panel (OEM specific). Data monitoring is performed remotely and in real time. Monitoring includes live visualizations of the BOP status and pressures.

How is real-time monitoring data transmitted during operations?

Data will be transmitted from the rig to the cloud. If connectivity issues prevent data from being sent to the cloud, data will also be preserved on the rig in a local database.

How the data will be labeled and monitored?

Labeling of data is defined per the OEM nomenclature and specific to each control panel. Monitoring is performed by RTM and subsea SMEs and trained field personnel with BOP monitoring experience. OEM nomenclature is mapped to accepted industry terminology at the remote monitoring site if required.

To learn more about how IPT’S BOP Real-time monitoring can help provide you more efficient and assured BOP integrity or to inquire about a pilot, contact us.

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