IPT SureView: Connected, Comprehensive, Collaborative and Informative Well Integrity Assurance

March 02, 2022

IPT’s SureView ties well integrity management, awareness, activities, and information together in a seamless and easy to navigate, web-based and mobile friendly solution. SureView gathers and manages data from all IPT solutions and displays it in specialized views to support testing and monitoring activities. From designing test plans, monitoring BOP performance, streamlining collaboration, to identifying performance opportunities, SureView enables team members around the world to securely view and manage operations in real time.


SureView communicates in real time with IPT’s SureTec application to monitor, archive, and inspect the results of wellbore element (WBE) tests. Personnel can review specific details of each test and identify opportunities to drive performance enhancements through KPIs that are created for tests and rig operations.


Remote View allows personnel to monitor real-time pressure activities from anywhere on any device. If a problem or failure occurs, real-time monitoring reduces communication lag and improves troubleshooting techniques through collaboration.

SureView also offers our BOP Reliability System (BRS) to provide Live Monitoring Dashboards, Event and Alarm Monitoring, and historical data retrieval to ensure BOP Reliability during all phases of BOP operations. BRS, along with the rest of IPT’s ecosystem, provides compliance for 21-day testing in the Gulf of Mexico, and supports our Condition-Based Monitoring initiative.


SureView’s Approval Workflow manages plan versions and allows personnel to review and approve test plans prior to beginning a test. It can also be used to review and approve test results upon successful completion. Personnel have the option to approve or request changes to a test plan or completed report. If any changes are needed, an email alerts users for updating. An audit log of all approved plans, tests, and approval activity is maintained for accurate record keeping and compliance.


Finally, SureView allows for integration with your data lakes and verification management systems through secure, industry-standard interfaces, automating manual processes and increasing your data quality.

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