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Completion Barrier Integrity Verified in the Direction of Flow

November 28, 2021

In an industry first, IPT Global has enhanced their testing capabilities by connecting with downhole pressure gauges. SureTec software was successfully connected to data feeds from permanent downhole gauges in the completion in parallel to surface data feeds.   

This integration enabled verification of pressure above and below the SCSSV valve and the top of the fluid loss isolation barrier valve in the lower completion. Simultaneous instances of SureTec were run, verifying the equipment during the completion installation and provided high confidence and assurance of the effectiveness of all barrier elements. 

What Was Accomplished and Why? 

This breakthrough was performed on the recompletion of BP’s XP1 project and was accomplished by trapping pressure between the SCSSV and fluid loss valve. 

The tests were validated using the upper gauge and applying inflow test criteria across the SCSSV, while at the same time using data from the Lower Gauge and applying positive test criteria to validate the completion between the SCSSV and the lower completion fluid loss valve. 

The result was a successful verification of the completion barrier elements, proving the SCSSV in the direction of flow and providing remarkable confidence that the completion was installed with pressure integrity. Simultaneous testing added operational efficiency and reduced overall completion installation time. 


The execution of the test required collaboration between IPT (field and software SMEs), the operator, and the gauge manufacturers. Once the correct equipment IP and Modbus addresses were aligned with the SureTec software, a thorough validation (and troubleshooting) process was completed to identify the individual pressure sources in SureTec and ensure the correct data was being received. 


This is yet another notable example of IPT innovation and collaboration with clients to effectively enhance operations and increase critical path efficiency. Well integrity is crucial during well construction and completion operations; the application of SureTec eliminates subjectivity and future risk for IPT customers. 

The BP Completions Engineer expressed his satisfaction with the SureTec setup, and the enhanced assurance it provided. 

Lessons learned from this achievement are now part of the IPT “best practices” and will be applied in future installations. Ongoing research and improvements to processes and technology solidify IPT Global as the leader in Well Integrity and Assurance. 

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