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Operator Saves 33 Rig Days Annually Across Fleet and Gains Global Assurance

September 08, 2021


IPT partnered with a major global operator to standardize and optimize fleet-wide BOP testing. This collaborative initiative resulted in over 33 days or 800 hours of deepwater rig time savings per annum for the customer. In addition to creating value through gained efficiencies, IPT continues to protect value for this client through enhanced assurance of well barrier integrity across their operations.

The Challenge

Prior to this fleet-wide initiative, the major operator did not have a standard approach to BOP testing. Operations varied across regions and utilized a mix of SureTec, circular chart recorders, and competitor digital chart solutions. This was an opportunity to ensure effective implementation of process safety policies and to drive efficiency across global operations.

The Solution

IPT’s performance advisor partnered with the client’s teams to ensure accelerated learning by utilizing big data and analytics that made performance visible and transparent. SureTec implementation increased efficiencies in regions where inferior solutions were previously utilized. Adoption of one standardized digital solution allowed for consistent assurance practices to meet internal requirements, compliance with regulatory requirements and remove sources of human error from operations.

During test design and planning, all test plans were created and optimized using SureTec’s tools to ensure compliance and consistency with company policy and regulations. IPT’s SMEs generated and optimized test plans based on decades of experience across multiple global operators. A wholesale reduction of three to four test steps per test resulted in reduced component wear and tear, extending mean-time between failures while reducing maintenance and operational time and costs across the fleet.

In addition to test step reduction and optimization, deepwater projects that adopted the digital solution to well barrier integrity testing benefited from over 25% time savings per test with IPT’s advanced algorithms. SureTec’s algorithms are not only fast and efficient, but are stringent and rigorous, providing industry-leading assurance that all leaks are detected early.

After global SureTec implementation, all of the regional operations were fully documented in standardized reports and archived in IPT’s cloud-based collaboration tool, SureView. IPT’s performance advisor consulted with the client teams to define custom performance metrics and KPIs to track with SureView. Once this information was transparent across the fleet, the team was able to identify opportunities for performance and process improvements and to share key learnings.


Through a collaborative and trusted partnership, a fleet-wide implementation of SureTec resulted in more than 800 hours or 33 days of critical path time savings per year for BOP testing. This was achieved through a global initiative to consult with IPT’s SMEs, who identified opportunities to reduce waste in test plans by eliminating steps; and by implementing the most efficient and robust digital solution for well barrier verification.

IPT’s performance advisor was able to provide a holistic perspective across the operations to share best practices, and identify accelerated learning opportunities that improved overall operational efficiency. Applying SureTec as a global digital solution was a critical step towards removing sources of human error from operations and to ensure that all regions were utilizing standard practices and procedures.

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