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IPT’s Advanced Analysis Outperforms Competitor’s “Predictive” Analysis in Major Operator Field Trials

March 19, 2022

A major operator invited IPT and a competitor to a head-to-head trial on sister drillships in the Gulf of Mexico to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of each participant’s pressure testing application.

IPT was deemed by the operator to be 20% more efficient than its predictive competitor based on field trials.

IPT analyzed the tests using its patented advanced algorithms while the competitor used “predictive” analysis, which is a form of standard decline analysis. The results are presented below after a description of TCLD Analysis.

IPT’s TCLD Accurately Predicts Results Based on Real Data

Thermally Compensated Leak Detection (TCLD) delivers the most efficient and accurate testing in the industry. TCLD is the only analysis available on the market that predicts test results based on real data. This enables IPT to routinely validate tests more efficiently than “predictive” competitors that are validating based on arbitrary coefficients and no data.

TCLD can detect any subtle deviations from expected test results, ensuring even subtle leaks will be detected. This is achieved by comparing the results of similar pressure, volume and temperature systems. These are critical variables that must be accounted for when predicting test results.

20% Faster Than Predictive Competitor

The trial took place on two sister drillships with similar BOP design and operating within similar water depth and wellbore design. Both competitors performed a BOP latch-up test and two BOP interval tests. The competitor used a form of predictive decline analysis in the trial while IPT used its patented Advanced Analyses. (Figure 2).

Figure 2 – Validation algorithms used during trial

The results of the tests were gathered by the operator and presented to both parties (Figure 3). According to the major operator, tests performed using SureTec were 20% faster than the competitor’s tests. In addition to faster test validation, IPT provided a high level of integrity assurance using SureTec’s patented algorithms.

Figure 3 – Trial test results presented by the operator show that SureTec was 20% faster than the competitor’s application.

IPT Provides Assurance

Be sure that your testing on integrity critical equipment and well barrier elements is accurate and effective with advanced leak detection through IPT SureTec Advanced Leak Detection Analysis! IPT’s Advanced Leak Detection Algorithms are available in the Standard, Advanced, and Premier tiers of SureTec. Contact us today to learn how our advanced analysis can help you.

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